UReka Achievements 2016 – 2017


On the 10th of May the last last adjustments were made to the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) and the council voted in favour of this long awaited document!
The rector himself said that this EER is not the most elegant of reports but we believe that still a lot has to happen. We are very happy with this new guideline that will give more power to the educational committees and that it will give more room to activism of any kind!



Project Rooms

Last year we convinced the board of this issue and this year, with help from the Student Union, we prioritized it again when discussing long term investments! The board has promised us that the new Health building (Techno hal) should solve the shortage.
We will be there to check that, and will keep fighting for enough and quality facilities for you to work on the campus!


English of Teachers

In the past year, we talked to study associations, with different UT departments and wrote down our ideas. The council did not agree with our proposed solutions, since teachers are already very busy.
We still believe that the transition to English should never cause the quality to drop, and that is something the council did agree on. That is why the board is going to make a language policy and we will be there to propose solutions that will make a difference for your teachers!


Student assessors

We already have amazing faculty councils who are participating in decision making and represent the students towards the faculty board. But from 2017/2018 a student will get the opportunity to be in this faculty board! As an advisor you can have even more direct influence on the policies and you will meet with the other assessors and the board of directors once in a while, something we are proud of!

For more information about the new Faculty boards see this infographic.


Student housing

The past two months it came to our attention that international students and UCT students pay €150 more per month for some IKEA furniture in their rooms on the campus. This is should be a service, not a cash cow! We voiced your complaints to the board, and will stay on this problem until it is resolved with De Veste.


Sport Facilities

UReka’s worked this year on improving the sports facilities on the Campus. We always try to ensure that students are heard on every topic and that is how we ended up in the committee influencing the longterm investments for the UT.
With help from the Student Union we heard that there was a dire need for a new hockey field and fitness and that is why the committee decided to make sports facilities a priority.


More UT Financing

Most of the times, the university council is checking the board of directors or proposing new ideas. But in the beginning of our council year we could actually help our board of directors outside of the University of Twente. UReka takes part in the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO) and that gave us the opportunity to join forces with Eindhoven, Wageningen & Delft to call for more financing for Technical Universities.
We hope that our letter helps in the current process of government formation and that the Dutch government hears the need for a more balanced financing model in the Netherlands!