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The University Council

What does the University Council do?

The university council (UC in short or UR and URaad in Dutch) concerns itself with matters which typically relate to the large projects of the University of Twente. This includes diverse topics such as: the housing plans, work spaces for students, de university budget, the strategic plan, the Twents Education Model (TEM or TOM in Dutch) or student guidance. You have right of say in determining the direction of the UT, for example a new strategy or the TEM. Do you disagree with something the UT does? You have the right to do something about it!

Isn’t this boring?

Work in the UC is of course a lot of reading and having a lot of meetings, but the topics are often challenging and what you discuss often concerns all the students attending the UT. You also have the freedom to focus more or less on whatever topics you want. What is most important is that you represent the students as best as possible, as that is what you were elected to do. The activities outside of the UC and your own contribution from UReka makes your work and efforts very satisfying..

Why join the University Council?

In the university council you can have a real impact on very important matters. This is due to the right of consent the UC has when it comes to matters such as the organisation of quality assurance and graduation fairs. Beyond this, the UC has the right to give (un)solicited advice to the executive board, to which they are then obliged to respond.