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Interested to become a member of UReka?

Do you want to have an input on the policies of UReka? Can the current UReka faction contact you to for your opinions on proposed UT policy? Then sign up to become a member of UReka!

As a member you will have the ability to join the General Member Assemblies where UReka policies are discussed and decided upon. These include the discussion on the UReka stance of policies proposed by the Executive Board, discussions on a new (policy) initiative and a vote on the party programme of upcoming elections. Moreover, you will regularly be updated on what is currently discussed in the University Council and have the ability to actively see the public documents of the current University Council cycle

Maybe you think it is a bit too much to join UReka as a member, but you are still interested to know what is up for discussion concerning UT policy and national student policy. In that case, check out our interest list.

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