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About us

UReka is the student party that focuses on the quality of education and overall student well-being at the University of Twente. We think that every UT student needs to be certain to receive high quality education and a valuable degree. Next to that we think it is important that students are provided with an environment they feel comfortable to study in. This includes managing the growth of the University, supporting sustainability and student activism, facilitating transparency and being an international University. Overall we want to be the link between the students and the University, improving the communication. 

For more than 20 years already, our faction works hard to ensure that the UT puts the interests of ALL students first. We do this by critically commenting on the policies of the board of directors and give advice. Occasionally we also bring forward our own initiatives.

By supporting UReka you are participating in the UT and you make sure your voice is heard!

UReka News

What happend to: Evening Hours in the Upcoming Semester

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Towards the end of the third cycle of the year 20/21 the executive board brought up that the scheduling department was facing difficulties with arranging physical exams and lectures in…

Representing UT students nationally

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Leon van der Neut is an ATLAS student at the UT. In 2018-2019 he represented UReka in the university council. Since late April he is a candidate board member at…

Employability of international students: Dutch corporate culture and language

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The University of Twente is rapidly becoming an international university with 39% international students and a majority of study programmes have shifted to English as the language of instruction. Moreover,…