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Student Well-Being

Students during Corona Spoke up about students problems in regards to the pandemic and the difficulties imposed through government measures. Made sure concerns and complaints about safety were heard and brought up in discussion

Co-optation Supported the co-optation issue in a constructive, responsible manner in which all stakeholders are respected.

Quality of Education

English Requirements Advice to make an inventory on the level of English of students and considered whether the requirements need adjustments to ensure that every student can participate in their programs sufficiently.

Additional Costs Made an inventory of possibly unjustified additional costs students carry and request an investigation of the legal responsibilities of the UT and the students to avoid financial burdens for students.

Online Education Ensured that the students perspective was taken into account when discussion alternatives in education like proctoring, evening hours, and the recording of lectures.

Internationalisation & Diversity

Employability of International Students Formed a specific work group to work on opportunities/strategies that support international students and their employability on the Dutch labor market.

Diversity Requested a more inclusive language policy in university wide documents that ensures that all students are addressed and respected for their orientation and background.