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Sabin Kerwien Lopez

Faction Chair
Master Student Interaction Technology
Committees: OOS & SI

Monique Willems

Faction member
Master Industrial Engineering & Management
Committees: OOS & FPB

Ilse Ekkelkamp

Faction member
Master Student Biomedical Engineering
Committees: OOS & SI

Oliver Davies

Faction member & OOS Committee chair
Bachelor Student Technical Computer Science
Committees: OOS & FPB

Ethan Höfgen

Faction member & FPB committee chair
Bachelor Student ATLAS
Committees: OOS & FPB

Lydia Mak

Faction Member
Bachelor Student Industrial Engineering & Management
Committees: OOS & SI

We are the faction of 2023-2024 representing you, the students, in the university council. We have council meetings every week where we discuss significant issues affecting the entire university. We raise issues, offer advice to the executive council, and speak from the viewpoint of the student body. In addition, we meet as a faction to discuss the subjects and how we want to approach the conversation.

To get student input, we are also engaged in other initiatives and groups at the university. Collaborations with academic, athletic, cultural, and international organizations are included, as are student projects for, say, sustainability or internationalization.

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If you have input for us or questions send us a mail to