Max de Vries

Master Student Civil Engineering
Committees: OOS, FPB, ISO Representative

Alina Ritter

Faction member & Chairman of OOS
Master Student Business Administration
Committees: OOS, SI, WAR Representative

Maarten Bonnema

Faction & Chairman of FPB
Master Student Electrical Engineering
Committees: OOS and FPB

Kevin Witlox

Faction Member
Master Student Computer Science
Committees: OOS and FPB

Margo Dietrich

Faction member & Chairman of SI
Bachelor Student Technology & Liberal Arts and Sciences
Committees: OOS and SI

We are the faction of 2020-2021 representing you, the students, in the university council. Every week we meet with other members of the council and discuss important university-wide topics. We bring up questions, advise the executive board and represent the student perspective. Next to that, we meet as a faction as well- and discuss our view on the topics and how we want to approach the discussion.

We are also involved in other projects and organisations within the university to collect input from students. This includes collaborations with study, sports, culture and world associations but also student initiatives for internationalisation or sustainability for example.

Below you can sign up for our cycle updates.
If you have input for us or questions send us a mail to

Cyle Updates from the Faction

The UReka Faction wants to provide transparency on what is going on in the university council. The update will be send after a cycle (every six weeks) and will inform about the different topics.

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