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UReka Representing in The Hague

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Apart from the university council meetings at the UT, UReka also works hard to make your message heard at the higher level! Via a strong connection with the ISO (national…

Debating Culture

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How is CULTURE shaped at our university? How does culture influence our interactions, and how do our interactions influence our culture? And, most importantly, what role does TECHNOLOGY play? UReka…

New List announced!

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We proudly present our list for the University Council elections of 2019-2020:   1. Puck Kemper 2. Muhammad Hamza Riaz 3. Ivo Bruijl 4. Thomas Hazewindus 5. Lisa Veldman 6.…

About us

UReka is the student party that focuses on the quality of education at the University of Twente. We think that every UT student needs to be certain to receive high quality education and a valuable degree. Excellent study facilities and study guidance, as well as considerate internationalization, preparation for the labour market, and sufficient room for self-development contribute to a pleasant study environment in which every student can develop and grow optimally.

For more than 19 years already, our faction works hard to ensure that the UT still wil put the interests of ALL students first. We do this by critically comment on the policies of the board of directors and give advice, and we bring forward our own initiatives.