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UReka Input on Student Housing Shortage

By 17 May 2022News

At the start of this academic year incoming students encountered the urgent housing problems that have emerged in Enschede. Due to a shortage in (student) housing, both international as well as Dutch students were unable to find a new home. In response the UT has sent out a mailing to students, advising students to unenroll in case they do not have a home by the time the academic year starts.

To tackle these issues, the housing problems can be split up into two separate points:

  • Short-term capacity to accommodate the incoming students
  • Long-term capacity by building additional housing

To accommodate the former point, UReka has advised the UT to be more transparent towards students with regards to the housing situation in Enschede. Incoming students should not be surprised by the housing crisis after enrolling at the UT. Furthermore the University Council is positive about the flexible housing solutions that have been initiated.

To accommodate the latter point, the University Council is positive about collaborations between the university and housing corporations. UReka stresses the importance of the UT staying involved with the housing corporations, to accommodate the duty of care that the university has for its students.

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