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Alina Ritter (BMS)

By 31 May 2020June 11th, 2020Candidates 2020

Make UT your University

Faculty: BMS
Study: International Business Administration

Hey everyone! My name is Alina Ritter and I study International Business Administration. In my four years at the university, I have experienced a lot of different sides of the UT. Currently, I am the chairman of my study association Stress. Before that, I have been active in lots of different fields. I did committees and a board year with my association Chassé and founded InSPE, a foundation for cultural collaborations. Student activism is only one of the things the university has to offer to support the individual development of their students. To me, it is really important that every student feels welcome at the university and can make use of the opportunities that fit their personal development the best. The UT should be a place where you feel welcome to learn and grow, in short: Make UT your University.

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