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Atis Kazaferi (BMS)

By 31 May 2022Candidates 2022

Catchballing & Flowing

Faculty: BMS
Study: Industrial Engineering

Greetings! I’m Atis, an Albanian student in love with Dutch efficiency. Some of you might know me from my study, Industrial Engineering, or from my board years in H.V. Ockham and Negotiation Project Twente. Maybe you know me as your coach in a Challenge Based Module, or through Honours Office. But most of you might recognize me from the many different projects I was part of, on behalf of UReka and the University Council this past year. I will introduce myself as enthusiastic, process-oriented, hard-working, and passionate. I deeply care about internationalization and integration on different levels within the university. I have a passion for educational policy that reflects growth and critical thinking. Moreover, I believe in an efficient information flow with student input at the core, catchballing ideas. If you want to initiate an idea, build a community, or have some administrative questions, hit me up on IG or LinkedIn!

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