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Atis Kazaferi (BMS)

By 10 May 2021May 13th, 2021Candidates 2021

Optimizing the future!

Faculty: BMS
Study: Bachelor Industrial Engineering & Management

Salutations, fellow students 👋👋
I, Atis, am a relatable youth that is very keen on remaining hip with the kids. That’s why I’m eager to represent UReka’s bussin values in the University Council.
Being an Albanian involved in student body work, I really care about internationalization and integration within the university. No matter where you come from, a great community in this new home that is the UT makes all the difference.
On top of that, my time spent in Industrial Engineering, H.V. Ockham and Negotiation Project Twente provided me both the personal and systematic skillsets needed. So not only will your voice be heard, but you can rely on me to leap over administrative hurdles to make change happen.
My enthusiasm, never-ending energy, and shining positivity will ensure smooth and jolly cooperation in the University Council.
I believe the best way to improve is to hear directly from the students involved in university life. If you want to know more, or share your ideas directly, just hit me up on IG or LinkedIn!

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