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Election Results 2020

This year’s elections were very different from previous years. Due to the Covid-19 measurements, the candidates  had to be creative and run a strong online campaign.

The results of this campaign were announced on Friday 26th in the U-Park hotel.

The overall turnout was 31.02%. Similar to previous years, UReka received the majority of votes. With these votes we won  five seats in the University Council. 

Three seats went to DAS and one seat went to the new party uTOP. The other new party Genesis did not receive enough votes for a seat.

 The five seats of UReka went to:

Max de Vries,

Alina Ritter,

Maarten Bonnema,

Kevin Witlox,

Margo Dietrich.

Overall, we are really happy about the results and are looking forward to the upcoming year.

Thank you to everyone who voted for UReka and supported the list.

These are the full Results

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