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Give policy a well-founded push in the right direction – An interview with U-today

By 18 June 2020June 21st, 2020News

For this year’s elections U-today published a mini-series introducing the different parties running for the university council. Max de Vries, the number one on the UReka list of 2020 shares what UReka represents and gives some insights into the party program.

‘We are the oldest and above all a very diverse party; we are represented from and in every faculty and over the years we have built up many close connections with numerous committees and associations. In addition, we are the only party associated with the Dutch National Student Association (ISO, ed.) that represents the interests of 750 thousand students in the Netherlands. We are not necessarily of the hyperambitious perspectives; interests are often too broad and too complex for that. We use the connections we have and try to push policy in the right direction, as well-founded as possible.’

To read the full interview click here

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