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Hamza Riaz

By 6 May 2019May 31st, 2020Candidates 2019

The voice of all students

Heyy! I’m Muhammad Hamza Riaz and I am a second year student of Mechanical Engineering (bachelor). As my dark hair and height suggest, i am an international student from Lahore, Pakistan. My determination to make the most out of my student life has led me to pursue activism in addition to my studies. In my first year, I was part of four part-time boards promoting internationalization through organizing events and I won four awards at the More Than a Degree Awardshow. In my second year, I worked with the Student Union to develop internationalization projects to counter social exclusion. Now I aim to make positive changes on a policy level. My motivation to join the University Council is to improve the student well being through focusing on education and internationalization policies of the UT and be the voice of all students in the council.

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