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Imke Nijenbanning (S&T)

By 10 May 2021May 20th, 2021Candidates 2021

Open the way to clear communication

Faculty: TNW
Study: Bachelor Student Applied Physics

Hello! My name is Imke. I am an fourth year Applied Physics student, and currently a member of the OS-board. Last year as Chairman of Study Association Arago, I got in contact with all different parties within our University and learned a lot in how these parties are communicating. I believe that a lot of improvement can be made, especially in communicating to individual students and board members. As OS-board member, the first steps have been made, but now as member of UReka, I want to continue to increase the quality of the communication for you, students at our beautiful university. Besides all that, I like to play the saxophone and go out roller skating 😊

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