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UReka Input Session: COVID Policy at the UT

UReka wants to hear your thoughts on UT policy!
The regulations, as a result of the COVID pandemic, have impacted all students in unprecedented ways. Forming well-weighted policy on these issues, in regards to examination, physical education and student well-being is all but trivial.
The University of Twente has adapted its education to conform to the Dutch regulations. Especially during times where communication is impaired, it is extremely important for students to be able to reach out to the UT and express their thoughts and oppinions on how to handle this situation in the best way we can.

Input Session
During this input session, all students from the UT can join the debate on how to deal with education during the pandemic. Together we will explore the issues and benefits of the current regulations, and hopefully come to great ideas that we can propose to the UT.
At the session, various members from the UReka faction will be present.

If you have a few questions concerning the regulations, want to share your experiences and thoughts, or are just interested in joining the debate, make sure to sign up!

Topics we will discuss:

  • Physical examination
  • Proctoring
  • Physical education
  • BSA

If you have any other related topics you would like to add, feel free to send us a mail!

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