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Jaime de Bruin (ET)

By 31 May 2022Candidates 2022

Lets manage the management

Faculty: ET
Study: Civil Engineering and Management

Hi there, nice to meet you. My name is Jaime and I am a first-year master’s student Civil Engineering and Management.. Maybe you have seen me walk around the Horst, play a soccer match at V.V. Drienerlo, at the gym or late at night when I am getting you your drinks while working as a bartender at Aspen Valley. Last year in the council, I worked on the portfolio of student wellbeing and also voiced the wellbeing initiative to the Executive Board. During my work for my study association ConcepT, be it for committees or writing a Strategic Policy Plan, I learned that there are way more aspects to the student policy than I thought. I would like to be the voice of the students within the University Council to make sure the quality of the student life is maintained or improved by the decisions made by the University.

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