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Jana Bergmann (BMS)

By 31 May 2020June 11th, 2020Candidates 2020

Let’s define the UT together, not only the UT you!

Faculty: BMS
Study: Communication Science

Hey, I am Jana, a second year Communication Science student. UT-wide I experienced how isolation of groups and information leads to opportunities being lost, which could be avoided with everybody working hand in hand. I have been doing a full-time board year at my study association and two part-time board years in the boards which are responsible for all sports associations and all study associations. I have worked for different projects in our Marketing and Communications department and my programme committee. I am also active in different associations in the world (international) sector. I am always up for a joke but believe that students need to be taken serious to facilitate progress at the UT. I want to combine my diverse insights to support Ureka in representing an even more diverse student population and would love to hear about innovative ideas that are just waiting in your great student minds.

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