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Johanneke ten Broeke

Stress is only good for a stressball!

Hi there! Last year I noticed that many students are not always feeling at ease on our university. This is why it was my mission as party leader of UReka to reduce stress that students experience. I therefore contributed to an important new regulation: starting September 2019 our university will work towards the abolishment of the 0/15 EC rule for bachelorstudents. I believe it is a big step towards stress reducement on our campus! I’m convinced that our new faction members are ready to complete establishing this important goal. Another target of mine was strengthening of the student participation. I made sure students will have a say in for example the continuation of the Quality Agreements, so they can decide about how their own money will be used to improve educational quality. Next year, I’ll stay active for Ureka: I will try to stimulate the collaboration between participating bodies and will help to keep the campus an enjoyable place for studying and relaxing!

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