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Liran Neta (EEMCS)

Enjoy the Diversity

Faculty: EEMCS
Study: Technical Computer Science

Wow… 3 years are already over… Oh hi! I am Liran, soon will finish my Computer Science study here at UT. I dedicated most of my spare time on creating platforms for students to feel at home. My friends and I built a platform to find relevant events in Enschede – a mobile app called Clik. My friends and I initiated the Calisthenics association on campus, CalZquad, with the mission in mind of making a multi-cultural experience. Now, my friends and I will have the option of promoting values we believe are important for students in UT – supporting students in experiencing a sense of belonging and enjoying the vast diversity that the UT has to offer! Therefore, I joined UReka. As the (probably) last dance for me at UT.