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Lisa Veldman

Let’s grow, improve, and learn together!

Hey, hello! My name is Lisa Veldman, twenty years old and a first year ATLAS student. Over the past years, I have been part of multiple advisory boards; in high school I was part of the co-determination council and student council. Currently, I am part of the programme committee, and chair of the education committee of the study association Atlantis. I believe that by working hard we, as students, are able to create an opportunity to grow, improve, and learn together. When elected I would like to focus on creating those opportunities, and improving the ones we are already given. In addition, while reviewing and reflecting on new policies, I believe that we should have the students’ well-being as our priority whilst increasing the quality of our university. Other than that, I hope that together we can create an acceptable and open environment for everyone part of and visiting this university.

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