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Max de Vries (ET)

By 31 May 2020June 11th, 2020Candidates 2020

Building the future

Faculty: ET
Study: Civil Engineering

Hey there! I am Max de Vries and I am a fourth year Civil Engineering student. Besides my study, I have been active at my Study Association ConcepT in several committees and in 2019 I was part of the board of ConcepT. In this role I experienced the importance of students getting involved in UT-wide policy. They are the first to mention changes in that policy, with the change to TEM 2.0 as the most recent and drastic example. In the future the UT has to cope with more challenges as well. Subjects like sustainable growth of the University, student well-being and internationalisation are all represented in UT policy. I want to start working on those, and more, subjects and build the future of the University together with you!

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