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Saikiran Samudrala

Have whole life to learn, but you can only be student once

Hola, this is Saikiran, a mechanical engineering student who fortunate enough to experience the awesomeness of student life at UT. For the past years, I am active at different levels of activism starting from a committee to a board member of an umbrella association. In the first year, I was part of Vesting bar, Indian student association and Connecting hands which made me the most active student in 2018. Currently, I am part of UniTe, an umbrella association for World associations. Throughout the past years, I discovered my passion for an active student campus grows together with the University, which motivated me to join UReka to influence at the policy level of the university. With Ureka I want to be the voice of equal opportunities and healthy/stress-free student life for every one of us. I believe a university should be the place where a student feels comfortable and drive towards their passion as ‘We have a whole life to learn but you can only be a student once’. Let’s do this.

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