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Tijani Nagra (BMS)

Together into the future

Faculty: BMS
Study: Psychology

Hey, I am Tijani and I am a third-year Psychology student. Most of you know me as TJ and have seen me on Campus wearing green colours, representing my study association S.V. Dimensie as the Chairman of the current Board. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball at v.v. Harambee or going on a run. During my board year, I had my first contact with policies at the University of Twente and quickly realised my interest in these. It gave me a general understanding of how the UT operates and I realised that some voices might not be heard. That is why I joined UReka. With new challenges coming up, see the discussion about internationalisation, I want to ensure that all of our voices are heard and that we can be part of the future shaping of the UT, together!