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Tim Achterkamp (E&T)

By 31 May 2022Candidates 2022

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Faculty: E&T
Study: Civil Engineering

Hey there! My name is Tim and you can vote for our list in the election. I am a Master’s Student Civil Engineering and some might know me from previous board experiences at the study and baseball association, or as a member of last year’s council. I am motivated to stay on the council for another year and to share my experience from last year with the new council members.
One of the main challenges that we face are the effects of covid on the student community, as many of the students that recently started their study have not had the chance to fully experience all opporortunities that student life in Enschede possesses. As member of the pre-covid generations we should try to share our experience with the new generations and inspire them to learn and grow together, both in their study and as a member of our vibrant association life (sports, study, student, culture). In the council I will try to make sure that UReka is accessible and that our council members are approachable, so that you can share your experience as a student with UReka.

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