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Wouter Kobes (EEMCS/BMS)

By 31 May 2020June 11th, 2020Candidates 2020

Do your part in participation

Faculties: EEMCS/BMS
Studies: Computer Science/Public Administration

Hey, my name is Wouter and I’ve been studying at the UT for over six years now. I finished my Bachelors in Technical Computer Science, after which I continued with the master specialisation in Cyber Security. However, inspired by activism at my study association and participatory bodies also pushed me to pursue a second Master’s at the UT, in Public Administration.

Just over a year ago I got into contact with UReka and since then have contributed to its cause. I support the core ideas on which this party is founded and am honored to act as an ambassador on the list for the second time.

Participation is a strong right, granted to us, students, by the Dutch law. However, this right can only be executed if you make your voice heard. That is why my campaign slogan for this year is: do your part in participation. Vote!

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