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Wouter Stoter (BMS)

Amplify your voice

Faculty: BMS
Study: Communication Science

Hi, I’m Wouter! I’m a third-year Communication Science student, but you might recognize me as board of Apollo, the cultural umbrella of the UT, or one of my previous boards at Study Association Communiqué and Theatre Association NEST. During my board years I’ve learned a lot about how the UT operates, and would like to do my part in improving some things. As a Communication Science student I know about the importance of transparent communication, so all students will feel involved in what’s up at the UT. I’m also involved in several cultural associations (Musilon, Break-Even, NEST) and want to highlight the importance of (performing) arts for students. Next to that, I’m also a member of Exaltio, the Queer Association, and want to make sure that LGBTQ+ voices are heard in conversations about inclusion and diversity. Together with the rest of UReka, I aim to amplify the voices of students from all different sides of the UT, ensuring that their concerns and aspirations are heard.